A Musical Interlude


And now, for something completely different.

Meanwhile, outside my window I can hear the mob begin their familiar chant, “we want things to stay the same!” I go to the window and look down on the milling mass of torches and pitchforks below. At least the mob is true to their own mantra, they haven’t changed their methods from last week and the week before. Perhaps they are right, there is comfort in the familiar. There is something soothing, even mystical, about the gentle flicker of the flames on their torches, the constant drone of their chanting.

Perhaps one of the only things in life that actually stays the same is the fact that some people want things to stay the same.

Perhaps one of the greatest sources of frustration for these same people is that things never do stay the same.

Perhaps they would find life less stressful if they simply adjusted to the constant changing flow of life. Then again, frustration and anger over the fact that life is always changing offers a wonderful incentive for social outings like the mob outside. There is something wild and exciting about wandering about the countryside with other like minded people, even if that doesn’t actually change the fact that life is always changing.

“Making a friend is hard, but it is so worth it.”-Dr Frankenstein.

In any case, today I’d like to share a few musical memories with you. On the theatrical side of life, I have played a part in the production of over 100 scripts. On the music side, my music has received airplay, and has been distributed all over the world via a label in Europe. I also have been the resident sound tech for many different and widely diverse events. This is the part I’d like to focus on today. As a sound tech I have been able to hear some amazing vocalists and incredible personalities. Below I’d like to share the melodies of some of the nicest, most professional people I’ve been honored to work with.

First off we have, Reg and Andreas. I was asked to run sound for these guys from Denmark. To be honest, I was exhausted that night and I wasn’t excited to set up and run a concert yet. However, as we did sound check I was startled to hear vocals and harmonies of the caliber of Josh Groban or Il Divo. As a bonus, both Reg and Andreas are extremely nice and professional people. They are just getting their career off the ground, but I think they may have a chance at making a career of it. Click the blue link below to check out their video for You Raise Me Up, shot in Europe.

Reg and Andreas-You Raise Me Up

Next up we have Azaria Neushwander…what can I say? She opened for Reg and Andreas on one of the shows I did with them…and despite her young age, her voice is pure and melodic. Who knows what her future holds after school? Here is Azaria singing Four Strong Winds outside at a fundraiser for a museum.

Azaria Neushwander-Four Strong Winds

Finally, for those interested in a more country flair, here is Judy and Adrienne singing, Thank You, Lord for thanksgiving. It is a more religious, vocal only piece, so, if you aren’t into that, I understand. However, if you like strong vocals and harmonies, why not check it out?

Judy and Adrienne-Thank You Lord

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