8 Mile 2: Christmas (w)Rapping


Meanwhile, in the dark alleys of Gladstone an underground hip hop scene has been flourishing. Well, there’s one cool up and comer anyway. In this clip we see coolest rapper on the local scene as he practices for an upcoming rap battle. (Scene shifts to a rapper prowling a dark alley and rapping away.) “It’s my time. I need to find a rhyme. They call me MC Cool Diddy…yeah, yeah, I wear my bling bling even outside the city.” Yes, it is obvious to all that MC Cool Diddy truly is the coolest rapper in town…especially since he is the only person in town who insists on going shirtless during a Canadian winter. Yet, as a wise man, namely the famous Canadian rapper, DJ Eh? (try saying that three times fast), once said, “Blast! It’s snowing again!”…which translated from the Canadian rap scene lingo basically means, a rapper must toil, a rapper must delve into his very soul, furthermore, in order to create great art, a artist must make great sacrifices for his art..still, to be perfectly honest, MC Cool Diddy seems out of place here in the small rural community of Gladstone…this fact was especially obvious when he showed up for the big rap battle…all jazzed up and ready to start rapping…but instead, was greeted by the collective puzzled gaze of a seniors group, busy wrapping gifts for a Christmas Hamper distribution project…maybe it was wishful thinking…maybe it was just a mistake but as it turned out, the poster that read, wrappers wanted, had meant something totally different than what MC Cool Diddy had taken it to mean. The truth is, this rapper may always be an outcast in his small Canadian town…but, when I interviewed him, he vowed to press on in his quest for fame and fortune…perhaps he’s right, someday he may actually sell the first copy of his album…I for one respect his courage and wish him well…and sure hope he’ll put on a shirt before January rolls around, that’s all for now, this is Kelvin Bueckert reporting on location for WCGtv…

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