A Pharisee Speaks Frankly


I am a Pharisee
someone who clothes himself
in the fine robes of religion
and yet, even the fallen see
that the divine light I once held within myself
has been replaced with a dark tradition
rules crafted with much eloquence, but still only empty
words bellowing a vague promise of health and wealth
while all the while, I’m restless, lost without vision
building bigger without a purpose
other than showing my power
boldly preaching politics
yet, too afraid to utter a quiet word of divine mercy
investing in the world, in things that will falter
with the passing of time
ignoring the fools, the people
who will rise to life eternal
working hard on looking good
is actually pretty good
and more than enough
to fit in
with the emptiness I’ve always known
the slave I’ve always been
driven by my own secret desires
bouncing on the waters of doubt
blown by the ever changing winds of doctrine
sinking in the black sea of my own confusion
is only the start of the show
the grand beginning of my motivational sermon
as the camera zooms closer
I smile and struggle to look sincere
hoping you won’t see through the tear
the wolf hair poking through the seam
of my sheep’s clothing
of my woolen one piece, designer wonder…

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