Rising Tide (Variations in Grey)


Then there was the time I made a music video…a short film…or whatever you want to call it. Although I was heavily involved in music for a few years…my usual tricks involved an emphasis on electronics, beats and bass. Yet…despite this, at one point I did create a piano based instrumental. This is the only very few like that I ever let escape. To me it seemed like it seemed like it was the soundtrack to something…and here it is. The verses and main theme were done on the farm…then, somehow after the year of madness that came after shutting down the family farm, and then moving to town, with very little help. I somehow came up with the jaunty breakdown in a cold and weary January. In any case…it is what it is…maybe it’ll be your thing, maybe not. Regardless. I think the video has some good shots…take it as a short film…or whatever…thanks for reading…


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