It’s Not You. It’s Me. All About Me. On Encounters With Narcissists.


A narcissist is often the most charismatic person in the room…and this charm helps them to achieve their goal of control…the best remedy for this goal is the vitamin N…No…

After they lose control…they will still try to control how how others see you. Yet, the truth about lies is that a liar will also lie to themselves about how good of a liar they actually are…as a wise man, (namely myself) once said, there is no delusion like self delusion. (Pretty smart saying huh?) and soon their boasting will be seen for what it is, the empty words of vain and shallow people, slaves to their own desires…their own craving for applause…validation that is fleeting and never really satisfies. Can I get an amen?

Meanwhile, it is the truth that will set you free…to be yourself…to use the gifts God has given you…so, just say no to the unhealthy relationships in your life…remember, a one way relationship is always located on a dead end street in a dark, dingy neighborhood…stop letting yourself be used for the benefit of the confused…get off that road to nowhere…and get back on the highway to freedom…yesterday was what it was…but the good news is, today can be a brand new day…


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