Is There Grace, Even for the Ungraceful?


Driven by ego, you have run

far from the palace

now you stumble alone

aimless in the desert of your life

and you feel so worthless

wilting under the weight of what you have done

your horizon is empty

except for a shimmering watery haze

of ghosts, dancing over the endless dunes

all that remains after chasing your selfish desire

and you can only lick your lips

falling to your knees, consumed by hunger

and you can only gasp for your future, whispering a prayer

longing for life, thirsting for water

you realize you have nothing, but you are surrendering

even that for your one chance at everything

as the sky clouds over

offering you some shelter from the turmoil of summer

you look up into the gentle eyes of your lover

the one lifting you with the hands of mercy

the one saying, don’t listen to the lies, for you are beautiful

you are worthy

to be taken to that heavenly city

where my love will wash you clean

from the dust of where you have been

the truth is, no matter how hopeless it may seem

in my kingdom we can begin again


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