Painting Colors Against the Black


During the reign of a devil moon

rain flashes

falling to the sound of thunder

the path forward is haunted by ghosts of madness

a carnival of confusion that covers you in fear

and as your fragile flame begins to waver

your resolve begins falter

but then, like living water springing from the pages of an ancient book

you hear wisdom begin to whisper

”don’t ever surrender your God given talent just because the world down here prefers to live in darkness”

”don’t ever stop walking just because right now it seems that you’ll never escape your thoughts of emptiness”

reborn as you open your eyes of faith

you march forward into the mist

burning with a new desire

at last you can see the life there is waiting for you beyond all this

a world populated by millions of tiny lights

a universe of stars on fire for the glory of their creator

waging war on the lies of these grey, godless nights

lights raging bright in a fury of creative splendor

colors of the future splashed against a black backdrop of the past

shadows that will soon be washed away in a brilliant flood of wonder…


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