Encouragement for the Artist, Worn and Weary in a World of Lies…


No matter how popular they may be…lies are a distortion of reality…The truth may hurt…but it is only the truth that reflects reality…and it is only by facing reality that you can be truely free. If you find the courage to face the truth of your God-given calling, to fly like an eagle, you probably won’t fit in, but what is the real advantage of fitting in with a bunch of chickens anyway? Sure, the chickens will cluck over your wayward ways, but consider this, it is the fearful chickens who stay stuck where they are, while you’ve faced up to the reality that you were made for more and now you’re flying high over the filthy chicken coop. The truth is, cloneliness may be comfortable, but it is not really next to Godliness at all. So don’t mindlessly follow that flock of chickens, pecking away at those paltry rewards in dirt…for all you know, it may be butcherin time…don’t be content to hang around with birdbrains when you were made to stand out…don’t be a dim bulb when you were created for a greater calling…you were made unique and you were made to shine…and the ugly lies that people say can’t change the beautiful truth that you are loved by God…that concludes my sermon for today…ahem…Sister Mildred will lead the closing hymn…


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