The Fountain of Life


Where was the peace?
when you gave everything
and were left clutching nothing
of any divine desire
the flame that used to linger
in the ashes of your burned out world
Where was the hope?
when your character was murdered
by the spirits of gossip that traveled
in the black coattails of jealousy
attacking in the boastful voices that said
one thing here
and the opposite there
laughing, stabbing, even as you were falling

and yet, maybe your time of greatest need
was only an opportunity for a far greater glory
for your hope was always where
it always is
way beyond this world and all its trouble
and yet, maybe your season of trial
was only to mold you into a priceless pearl
for your peace was always here
in that Holy Spirit of comfort
a breath of life to spite the shadows
that healing spring bursting out, flowing over
your barren fields scarred by battle


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