The Last of the Gunfighters, Reflects…in the Mirror.


Big Showdown Downtown!?

What went wrong?

It’s hard ta say. know it’s sure hard ta have a good ol fashioned showdown if people don’t even wanna show up.

How do people expect these community events ta keep goin if they don’t wanna come out an support’em?

I just don’t know what I’m supposed ta do anymore.

Sigh. I woulda thought Six Gun Billy woulda come down fer the big gunfight at least. See, Billy is a pretty big man round these parts, he’s got a big ‘ol cowboy hat, he talks bigger’n everybody else, an he’s got the biggest black horse ya ever did see…I tell ya, it’s quite tha sight ta see Billy sittin way up on that there on his high horse…thing is though, that big ol’ horse is dead, so Billy never seems ta get anywhere by ridin it…

Lookin back on it now, I guess that’s probably why Billy missed our big showdown…it ain’t that he didn’t wanna fight me…heh heh, he’s probably still there at his ranch, sittin on that dead horse…waitin fer the day it gets’em somewhere…yeah, there’s not much horse sense goin on at that ranch I tell ya…heh heh.

Don’t know why the rest of the town didn’t wanna come out to tha big showdown though. Guess they were too busy makin excuses instead of helpin our reputation as a rowdy wild west town that nobody wants ta visit. Thinkin of themselves…that’s what these people were doin…it’s shameful if ya ask me.

I’ve been doin a lotta reflecting lately…in the mirror. I can challenge people to a gun fight, but if the townpeople don’t wanna come out an watch what I’m doin, what’s the point? It really makes me wonder if I’m in tha right place, know what I mean? If people don’t wanna support what I’m doin, why should I stay here? Why shouldn’t I move on?

Anyhoo, I guess since it’s gettin ta be Christmastime…our next big community event is gonna be a hoedown…It’s a square kinda town, so I figure a square dance should bring more people out than some good old fashioned fightin and roundhousin…don’t know why I didn’t think of that sooner…

I tell ya babe, if ya like dancin around…tha real issues in our relationship…ya should check out the big New Year’s Eve dance we got planned fer this town.

If it’s anything like last new year’s eve, we’ll be spendin the evenin kickin up our heels…while Fast Fingered Eddie does some fiddlin…with his shoelaces….yeah, it’ll be quite tha time I tell ya…just you an me…an the bored staff fiddlin around in the corner of the empty room…but I guess that’s the kinda thing that happens when people don’t show up an support community events…it’s kinda sad when ya think about it…

But then, heh heh…if we’re alone maybe we can talk more about gettin hitched…I mean gettin our wagon hitched properly to that hitchin post…about tyin the knot…properly on those reigns…so them horses don’t go runnin off into tha wide open prairie like they did on our last date…when we spent that wild night chasin them stupid critters all over the wide open prairie…sure don’t wanna do that again…not in here Saskatchewan anyway…

I tell ya babe, we already run all over this countryside…maybe we gotta find ourselves somethin new…maybe in the new year we’re gonna hafta move in a new direction…maybe we’ll hafta do like all them others an move ourselves west…to ta the promised land…ta Manitoba…

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