What if Christmas is in the Giving?

The story is told

that when the world was black

a light was born

as innocent as a baby

surrounded by a herd of unwashed animals

wallowing in the stench of their pen

beasts munching and lowing, oblivious to the wonder of this nativity

the struggle that is so much a part of love

the pain that comes with every new life

a costly grace, a divine gift to a self-centered race of humanity

yet, it is said that the chance for peace was worth this outrageous price


And the story continues

often revealed in the flickering light of a fireside

the tale of this boy growing into a man

who forsook his home of comfort

in order to wander the rain-cursed hills

the world of creeping wolves

howling out their message of fear and evil mystery

yet, it is whispered, that there in the darkest valley

is where the good shepherd did his greatest work

braving the hungry dogs of war, to chase after those wandering lambs

hoping only to catch the foolish with love, to bring them home again

oh, the things this shepherd would endure to achieve reconciliation

the restoration of his flock

proving once again that the greatest gift is in the giving

that love often glows the brightest in the middle of suffering

surrendering your life so that someone else can begin living…


George Constant, Something About Christmas Time.

Click here to watch the video!

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