Thoughts on How to Find Peace


The people who chase after experiences…will find themselves always running…because a feeling always fades with the wind.

The people who scramble after things will find themselves always grasping…because things always decay with time.

The people who work to look good…will always be working…because they can never look good enough to satisfy themselves.

The people who try to gain control will find themselves always trying a new angle…because no matter what they may control…they cannot hide the insecurity tossing within…the waves that ripple out around them and destroy the illusion of control they are trying to create.

When self is placed first…it corrupts even good and helpful words…serving…becomes self-serving…it twists even noble goals…being centered, turns into becoming self-centered…and the end result of all this selfish work is that a healthy satisfaction becomes smug self-satisfaction. Yet, the nasty truth is, even if someone manages to impress themselves, that doesn’t mean that they have actually accomplished anything that impressive.

In fact, when people put their faith in things…or in experiences that they create…they are often very fearful. Because deep down, they know how easy it is to lose these things to someone else. That would never do because for them, it really is all about self…

However, humility is the beginning of learning. Because in humility someone acknowledges that someone other than them has something valuable to share…a truth to learn from.

Learning is the beginning of surrender…because surrender acknowledges the truth they have learned, that they are not in control of the universe…that they have weaknesses and failures. That life isn’t really all about them.

Surrender leads to peace…because when someone looks beyond themselves, they realize that even though they aren’t in control of the universe. That even though life isn’t all about them, that is actually a very good thing.

Peace leads to self-less love. Because life isn’t about self…and slaving away to serve and preserve self anymore…a person is free to love others without conditions.

Self-less love leads to a divine sort of satisfaction…because it comes, not through striving and manipulating for your own gain…but through giving of yourself for the benefit of someone else…and the really weird thing is investing in people has eternal reward…because people are eternal…while things and experiences are temporary…applause that will die away as quickly as it came…


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