Prisoners of Love: A Soul Stirring Tale of Romance and Protesting the 1%!


I was just a humble soul…a pilgrim from the small town of Gladstone…naive in the ways of Winnipeg women.
I guess that’s why, when she approached me with her proposal, I didn’t quite know what to make of her.
What I heard her say that fateful day was, “hey Kelvin, I think it’s time to take our relationship in a more serious direction. What do you think of this? A nice evening, just you and me, a little corn by the fire…”
Sadly, I didn’t realize that what she actually meant was…an evening listening to the heavy metal band, Korn, by the blazing fire…of old tires, while we closed off main-street to protest the city establishment.
Still, I suppose I shouldn’t complain. That evening of passionate…outrage…against pretty much everything…brought us together in ways I never could have imagined.
I can still see us now…sitting in the back of that police car…wearing a matching pair of designer straitjackets.
Yeah, we made quite the couple…everybody said so…even the police officer questioning us that night said as much. “You two are quite the pair aren’t you! You deserve each other!” Maybe I’m being overly sentimental about it all now, but I honestly don’t think that officer was just saying that because it was Valentine’s Day.
Sigh. Romance is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?
Even hardened police officers get emotional when they see it.
Yeah. I can’t help but think me and her will go far together as a couple…as soon as we finish digging this tunnel and escape our prison…


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