What if the Artist isn’t the Problem?


In our world, the issue of race may well seem to be black and white…and an artist is like an unwelcome immigrant…aiming a flashlight beam at the cracks in our cliques.
And we hate that kind of theater…and we hate that kind of book…
But when we look beyond ourselves, we can see that the world at large is painted in vivid technicolor…
And we protest that kind of imagination…and we shake our fists at that kind of wild exhibition…something that challenges our tradition…
Yet, what if there is a truth to be found in this multi-colored exhibit?
A truth outside of our limited experience…for a universal law can not be given the breath of life by our own opinion.
The universe started without us and somehow, will carry on without us.
A feeling can never stand against the test of time.
What if the high-minded criticism of all the different colors on display reveals our own hatred of the one that created this diversity?
For the truth is, colors are only skin deep…but the real danger lies with the dark shadows that lurk in the hidden corners of the human mind…every bad situation starts with a bad idea…
It is pride that exalts itself over all others…it is pride that feels threatened by other members of creation…it is pride that hates to see the beauty of truth displayed in public because it reveals the extent of its own ugliness.
People content in darkness will despise the light for it reveals their true condition…but that doesn’t mean that the flashlight is unhelpful.
What if the best art helps us to see ourselves and the consequences of our ideas the way they really are?
In the uncomfortable glare of truth.
What if the author doesn’t need to change his words for the sake of our comfort?
What if the true brilliance of the song lies beyond our feelings about it?
What if we really need to allow the colorful truth revealed in the work of the Master Painter to change our own grim little world?
What if we need to be transformed…by the renewing of our minds?

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