Three Easy (Yet Still Idiotic) Ideas to Help You Get Noticed as an Artist!

It sure is tough to get noticed in the arts these days. Many people are scrounging about, looking for the easy road to success. In an effort to provide direction to these lost and searching masses, here are three sure fire ideas guaranteed to help you stand out from the crowd.
1. If you are 50 years or older and want to get noticed as a musician, why not audition for the high school band?
2. Want to get noticed as an actor? Loudly remind everyone you meet, especially casting directors, of the years you studied acting…ahem. The years you spent watching TV that is…
3. If you want the attention you deserve as a singer, why not just sing your heart out? Sure, back in the old days, you had to rehearse. Word is that the Beatles could play entire stadiums without the benefit of stage monitors or other tech and still harmonize and hit their notes because they were so well-rehearsed (true story)…but now days with new fangled technology we have, it’s really up to the tech crew to make sure that you perform properly. So don’t waste valuable party time practicing, just slug back a few shots, get out there in the limelight and let loose…be assured, it won’t take long before you will get everything that you so richly deserve!
Then again…maybe the only easy road is the one going downhill…on the other hand, instead of sleeping in the alley beside the bar, maybe you could raise the bar of achievement for yourself…who knows, maybe practice and discipline would help you reach your full potential, but that’s not much fun…so who knows why anyone would put themselves through that.

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