Beware of Artists! Be Very Aware!

Friends, the dangers of creativity are many and obvious. If you hear that an artist, actor or other creative person is roaming the area foraging for inspiration, please stay in your home and lock the doors. To keep them from coming back in the future, remember to destroy easels, pencils, blank sheets of paper, or any surface that could be used as a stage. These measures may seem extreme, however, artists have been known to provoke thought and thoughts often make our valued citizens feel uncomfortable. Sadly, despite our heroic efforts to censo…er to create a safe society for all people, some wild artists still manage to escape their assigned compounds and roam the streets freely.
Some nights they have been known to gather in packs and howl at the moon. The sound strikes terror in the hearts of all reasonable people.
We must work together to combat this menace to our society!
In the words of our great leader, “ignorance is bliss!”
If you happen to attend a motion picture or read a book that challenges the beliefs we have provided for you, don’t hesitate to take action! If you see or hear anything at all that makes you feel uncomfortable, you could use it as a point of discussion, something to grow as a person…however, a far better option would be to report the incident to your local artist suppression officer.
Trust us. We’re the government and we’re here to help you.
Art and ideas aren’t something to be taken lightly. One bad idea can lead millions to war! Even worse, one good idea can change our world! Nobody wants to change! We’re doing just fine the way we are! (Sound of a gunshot). Ahem. In the words of our great leader, “ignorance is bliss and we’ve never been happier.” You can quote me on that.” -This has been a public service announcement from the Government of Utopia. To report stray artists in your area please call 1–888–999–7777.

*** Origin of the quote in the poster above is murky. Some say it came from Queen Victoria. Some say it came from King Leopold. Still it makes a point.

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