How to Avoid Opportunity and Productivity! A Guide for the Rest of Us.

Culture is corrupt!
Somebody should change it!
Somebody else that is!
Many people these days have heard the knocking sound of an Opportunity. Yes, packs of wild Opportunities have been roaming the nation for some time now. Some people get excited by them…full of rage at their boldness.
Honestly, who wants to have their sleep disturbed by some creature knocking at the door in the middle of the afternoon?
However, Opportunities are really nothing to get excited about. With the proper response, the wildest Opportunities can be discouraged, or even better, driven away completely.
The next time an Opportunity knocks why not try one of these simple methods and see how simple it is to drive them away?
1. Ignore Them! Perhaps the simplest strategy is to simply ignore an Opportunity when they start knocking. If their knocking becomes too loud, turn the volume on the television a little louder. Usually after a bit of this, an Opportunity will go over to hassle the neighbors.
If you don’t appreciate an Opportunity, somebody else will.
Ignoring creatures also shows the strength of your character. Lesser people often give in and engage an Opportunity in conversation to learn what they are all about…next thing you know, they become successful!
Nobody wants that!
Stay strong! Resist that temptation to speak to them! Remember, everyone loves the strong silent type.
2. Make Excuses! Sometimes an Opportunity will persist despite being ignored. In these cases it is best to make an excuse. Use your imagination! There is always a good reason to avoid doing something good!
Does it require effort?
Is it outside your comfort zone?
Does your horoscope advise against it?
The possibilities to avoid getting involved are endless! Explore all the possible excuses you could use and choose the one that fits best with your lifestyle.
3. Busy Yourself. Some Opportunities will persist even after being ignored or given some excuse. Honestly, the temptation to become helpful and productive can become intense when faced with this kind of determination.
In this case it is best to find something unproductive to do.
Meetings can be very helpful in this…a few hours of discussion and you can feel like you have accomplished great things…without needing to get involved with any worthwhile Opportunities.
Television also has a great many programs available to help you avoid engaging with Opportunities. Choose one or two programs and let them while away your days and months without accomplishment.
The company you keep is also important. The right people will help you conjure up a lethargic spirit that will ward off most determined Opportunities. Get these people into your circle as fast as you can!
Remember. Opportunities visit everyone but only the people who make the best of them will be sucked into their whirlpool of success.
Don’t let yourself become a victim of an Opportunity.
Don’t let some wild Opportunity drag you away from your comfort zone.
Use these tips and stay safe…and comfortable right where you are.
For a deeper discussion on this important subject please purchase my new book: Avoiding Opportunity for Dummies.

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