Colors in a Darkened World

The television whispered
you are worthless
and so, she hid her beauty
encouraged by the crowd

the complacent shouted
against boldness
and so, he hid the truth
to become a hero to the mob

yet, these voices only left them wasted
numbed to what was truly precious
as they denied what they could be
shading their souls with a shroud

Where is the greatest darkness
but in the words of those who preach oneness
and refuse to allow any one to stand out
what is life but a spirit
given to those
willing to defy the law of conformity
when is joy but a gift
granted freely
to those set free from the tyranny
of this world’s idea of perfection
what is truth but reality
what is a lie but a distortion of what is really there
what is she but a jewel
precious just the way she is
not because of what somebody else
thinks she should become
what is he but a warrior
valuable because of his inner fire
not because he drowns his passion
to suit someone else’s lack of desire
what are they
but loved by their Father
the creator, the most creative of them all
who are we
but royal children
sent out to give what love we have been given
our Earthly mission
how can we truly live
without using the unique gifts we have been granted
do we need more incentive?

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