Hope in a Hopeless World

We can entertain ourselves with the finest entertainment money can buy, yet, we see that hope is failing and the rates of depression and suicide are skyrocketing.
We can clothe ourselves in the finest fashions of the century. Yet, despite covering ourselves in perfection, deep inside we are drifting, disconnected and empty.
We can learn from the most eloquent preachers in the history of the human race, yet simply listening to the finest words ever spoken can not produce any fruit of the spirit.
Perhaps the revolution can only come when we stop pretending…when we stop chasing bigger and better things, escaping through cooler and higher highs, endless words and study, mining for greater insights, fools gold that will help us nothing in our daily living.
Perhaps the poor man who is content with what little he has been given is far richer than the rich man who constantly hungers for more.
Perhaps it is only the humble who will prosper in their soul, overflowing with love…joy…peace and patience…ideals sometimes seen in those at the homeless shelter, serving.
Perhaps the truly wise are known by the way the way they are living, not by the many things they are saying.
What if we were willing to sacrifice, for the sake of ourselves, for the sake of another?
Everyone is equal, a fraction of an inch below the skin. No one is better than another, except in their overheated imagination. We have all been broken, we have all fallen short…in this limping, staggering race of humanity.
Shaking with fear, anxiety…
Hunted by the evil clown of despair…
The emptiness of everything.
Is this all we have to lose, if we surrender our selfish desire?
Mental illness is real and so is the opportunity to heal.
Together, in community, we can fight for victory.
Today. God has given us an opportunity.
Reach out for help.
Reach out to be a helper.
One soul at a time is how the world changes for the better…

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