At Last! The Intergalactic Rec Commission Proudly Presents the Second Alien Invasion!

Q. Who can participate in this invasion?
A. All types of Aliens will enjoy this event. You may be strange…but don’t feel that you need to be a stranger! Come out and join in the fun and fellowship!
Q. Sounds cool! When is this invasion?
A. 6:00 p.m. Saturday.
Q. Awesome! Where do I show up?
A. Planet Earth. (Third planet from the sun, you can’t miss it.)
Q. Why invade Earth?
A. Why not?
Q. Alright. I’m going. What should I bring?
A. Gargleblasters. A sense of adventure, a healthy taste for new things and lifeforms. Scale and Claw hydration cream. IMPORTANT: BYOB (Bring your own babblefish!) D-Phones. (To share your exciting experiences with the rest of the galaxy.) Thinking caps. This is important! Please, for Zorg’s sake, don’t forget your thinking caps! We don’t want you falling on your face in front of a lowly Earthdweller and embarrassing the rest of our mighty Alien Invasion fleet! Remember the big scene we had a few thousand years ago…
Q. Got it. How do I sign up?
A. Close your eyes, concentrate really hard, as you become one with the force you’ll be able to beam your thoughts directly to our office. After you realize that those myths don’t work, pick up your starphone, call 678–0987–8987–7654 and ask for Donglebleeb.
The Intergalactic Rec Commission.
Providing fun and games for all life forms.
* Except homo-sapiens.

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