Herman and His Hour of Superduperpower!


It was a dark and stormy night…cliches rattled against the fragile windows like hailstones. Lightening flashed. Streaking through the air like a naked college student racing through an unsuspecting class assembly. Indeed, it was a night of great excitement and drama but this has no relevance whatsoever to our current tale of enlightenment.
The truth is, it was the next morning, as poor Herman sat at his breakfast table, that the glorious revelation came to him. Yes, as his weary eyes rested on the jam slathered slice of bread lying on the plate before him, he came to understand a powerful ancient truth.
1. Looking good is good enough.
Yes friends, it was as this wisdom exploded into his brain that Herman began his transformation.
Once he had been a poor man. Once he had been a normal man, longing for some change in his life. Any penny he could find…Now he had discovered a new way of living.
Before long Herman had shaved his head and begun wearing robes of white. Garments that reflected his newfound enlightenment. He also began speaking deeply, expounding in large and complex words…words designed to enhance his exalted status above the average human being.
Fortunately for Herman, he only needed to change his outward appearance to create his new image as teacher and enlightened spiritual guide. Secretly, in his private life, he could still hold to the cherished practices of stupidity he had always known. As one can imagine, this was a great comfort to him.
Then at last came the opportunity he had long dreamed of…the chance to perform on his very own television show. The Hour of Superduperpower! As millions watched…and more importantly, sent money…Herman the Guru taught his followers the same powerful truth that he had learned through the years.
Looking good is good enough.
Yes, those were wonderful days. A new center for spiritual wisdom and enlightenment was built at great expense. Thousands of rules were taught, millions of wonderful words were said, all carefully designed to achieve the illusion of being good and wise. Yet, in the secret reality nobody ever saw, stupidity still reigned in the lives of Herman and anyone who learned from him. However, this was not an issue.
Herman was not really interested in change.
It was all about dollars for him.
And so it came to pass that Herman and his many followers lived happily ever after. Speaking many mighty words of goodness and wisdom…and that was good enough…at least if you can overlook all the stupid things they actually did.

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