What if the Greatest Obstacle to Success is…Reflecting in the Mirror.


Many talented people fail…not because they lack talent…but because they lack the discipline and character to develop and focus their skill.
People who make their own comfort their god will be imprisoned by it.
The truth is…to become a good actor, writer, film-maker, musician…ect. takes effort. It will mean rehearsing when everybody else is partying…it will mean taking the time to rewrite that script one more time…instead of spending the evening chasing after those groupies who hang around at shows and slink around at after parties. (Believe it or not, they are not thinking of your best interest.) It will mean practicing that melody line one more time…when everybody else thinks you should spend the weekend checking out that new Netflix series.
Often the greatest obstacle to get over isn’t somebody else…often the greatest thing you need to get over is yourself.
Once you are ready to sacrifice to cross the line of your own comfort, you can start to explore the treasures outside your comfort zone.
The wrong road is easy at first…but it gets harder as you go…the fruitful path is hard as the beginning…but gets more rewarding the longer you follow it.
Every time you make the best choice instead of the easy one…you move a little further in the journey of developing skill…every time you take the right path instead of the lazy one…your character grows a little and before you know it, you have developed the skills and character you need to try bigger and better things.
Sure, you’ll be mocked by people trying to pull you down to their level of failure.
However, if they were really your friends they would want what is best for you, not what is best for them.
Sure, you’ll be tempted to make excuses. But…remember, amateurs make excuses, professionals make the news.
Ten years on…the people content to sit and talk will still be sitting there and talking about things that they are never going to do. But if you’ve been practicing your skills…if you’ve been rehearsing your lines, you’ll probably have developed something to be proud of…something good you can share with the world around you.
If God has given you a good talent…it wasn’t given to you to bury in a garbage dump…a talent works best if you develop it and use it for the good of others.
This is a good thing!
Do it!
Remember…sometimes the most dangerous thing you can do is to play it safe. Why not take that step forward instead?
Let’s see what you are really made of!

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