Why Should We Care About Residential Schools and Indigenous Issues?


“The names of 2,800 CHILDREN who died.
💀 4,200 estimated total, many still unknown.
😱 150,000 removed from their homes. 😭

“Indigenous children who died while attending residential schools were honoured at a special ceremony Monday hosted by the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) and APTN at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Que.

“The names of 2,800 children who died — and the schools they attended — were listed on a ceremonial 50-metre-long cloth to commemorate their lives.”

“According to the NCTR, the number of children identified by name, as well as unnamed in death records, is about 4,200.

“It is estimated that about 150,000 Indigenous children were removed from their homes and forced to attend residential schools in Canada. The first schools opened in the 1880s and the last residential school closed in 1996.”

😱 “Although all six Pizendewatch children were sent to the same school, they were forbidden from speaking to one another.” 😱😭”

Why does this still matter?
1. When the Government sends out the RCMP to pick up people from any people group, simply because of their heritage, it should concern every people group…and every person who appreciates reasonable government.
2. When people who claim to represent Jesus deliberately and publicly do things the complete opposite of what Jesus taught…supposedly for Jesus himself…it should concern people who understand the truth of what Jesus actually said.
3. When people live with the scars of abuse…it should concern those of us who want society to become healthy and well. When people are healthy and well…society will also become healthy and well. (Maybe can find some clues about this in what Jesus actually had to say…check the Beatitudes.)
Shouldn’t we just move on?
*Of course we should just move on. However, the healthy way to move on is to acknowledge the wrongs done and work to restore mutual trust and relationship. If you truly value and respect another person…you will also value their concerns and feelings when they raise them.
When this type of listening and respect happens you can have a healthy relationship.
The technical term for someone who only talks and thinks of themselves is: single and alone.
If God is good, why did He allow this evil?
*Is that really the right question to ask? Wouldn’t God be correct in saying this to humankind? “Look at all the good things I gave you. I gave you a perfect world…a voice you can use to speak up for truth and justice…two hands you can use to work for the benefit of your community…why do you humans allow evil to reign in the beautiful world I gave you?”

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