And Now, a Message From Our Sponsors!

A flickering horizon of static

a gathering swarm of neon priestesses

flashing us

tempting us

awakening our inner animal

we want you


because we want you

this is the airbrushed image

of our culture

the Church we are expected to worship in

granted, there are many things we are better off ignoring…things like the truth of what those lovely creatures are whispering…

we use you

because you are willing to used

we take you

because you want to be taken

for a ride…in our arms

still, we must rejoice in this perfection

the idea that feeds our constant craving

the wanting that only leaves us wanting…more

we must force a smile, even if our faith is melting

with the flame that shows the Barbie to be hollow

we must be laughing in the selfies we are posting

even if our religion is teetering

like an idol placed on a teetertotter

yet, blown by the winds of doubt

we can’t help but wander

when our lives grow unstable

we can’t help but ponder

when we see that the neon dreams we were sold

are only nightmares

dressed in expensive clothing

bought with credit

we can’t help but wonder

if there is anything better…

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