Which Path Are You On?

People who base success on the size of the crowd, or on experience, will always be hungry for more applause and a bigger show.
One the other hand, people who base success on doing what is right will be content to stand alone.
People who pursue ease and comfort will find their character growing weaker and weaker with the passing of time.
On the other hand, people who pursue character grow ever stronger as the years go by.
People who take the easy path instead of the right path will find it harder and harder to find any good fruit coming from it.
On the other hand, people who choose the productive path instead of the easy path will find the fruit of it easier and easier to find as they go.
We can see these two paths in organizations as well.
Politically minded groups recruit people based on who they know.
Practical minded groups recruit people based on what they know and what they can do.
Failing boards are more focused on personal and political agendas and so take longer and longer to make decisions.
Healthy boards think of the greater good and take decisive action.
Unhealthy leaders work for more and more control of the people.
Healthy leaders control themselves.
Declining organizations focus on looking good.
Healthy organizations focus on doing good for others.
Dying organizations want people to help their programs survive. Healthy organizations want their programs to help people.
Dead organizations are very busy trying to keep things the same.
Living organizations grow and so they change.
The question remains…which path are you on?

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