What Art Thou Art? (A Meditation on Christians in the Arts.)

Seeing as it is Halloween it seemed like a good day to clean some skeletons out of the closet.
Track one is Cordelia, a song that my sister Janice wrote, I recorded, and then entered it into the international songwriting competition…and scored in the top 25% of the world. Click below to watch.


Track two is an instrumental backing track that I produced this summer. Why? Why not?


I used to produce tracks every single day…even got picked up and distributed by a label in Europe. It’s quite the news to hear that 10,000 posters are going up in Holland. However, I quit all that for quite some time…until a company whose products I always used got bought out, the new company offered me some free stuff to try out. So I thought, why not see if I can still do it?
This track here in an instrumental mix of a fully produced vocal track…that is currently being appreciated. However, I like the instrumentation on it, so also made an instrumental mix. Never tried Latin tunes before…but I like how this whole thing turned out, makes me feel like summer…could well be the happiest track I ever did. Check out the flutes/guitar/salsa beat breakdown that comes in at about the 2 minute mark. My goal was to create the vibe of a band jamming out for the heck of it.
Anyway, if you want more from my sisters and brother-in-laws…check out Divine Signature here:
If you want a free collection of my poetical and lyrical thoughts you can download the Conversations After Midnight eBook here: https://books2read.com/u/baWLxx
Tunes to clean the bats out of the belfry by!

Even better, why don’t you create art yourself? It won’t be easy…it’ll be hard…but then you’ll have your own stories to share with people.
Something that comes up with people from a conservative Christian background is…”Kelvin, how can you hang around with these kind of people?” The question I would ask you is…”how can we not hang around with these kind of people?”
Asking this question in the first place assumes that some people are lesser than others…those artists are lesser…those people of a different race are lesser…those people who do things like that are the least…and so on.
Strangely enough, there is a certain (obscure?) figure in the New Testament who was well-known for hanging around with exactly those kind of people. Who was he?
What kind of lifestyle did he model for us? (Keeping to yourself and complaining about the world around? Or did he show us something else?)
Maybe you don’t like our ideas…but being free to share ideas is the basis of a healthy culture.
Create better ideas.
Unhealthy cultures always try shut down ideas in order to control the people.
Encourage people to think.
Maybe the people down at the coffee shop will be mad…but if you base your life on that…you are deciding what to do based on the opinions of people who know the least about the situation. Political thinking = stupid thinking.

Anyone can complain.

It’s easy.

Anyone can destroy.

It’s celebrated.

Why not be smart instead?
Create art.
(Just do it.)

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