The Date With Destiny. A Cautionary Tale.

“I tell ya. Whenever I look at ya, I see destiny.”

“How cute. Destiny is my name.”

(Awkward silence.)
“Nah, I’m mostly into knittin.”
(Awkward silence. Fingers tapping the table.)
“You’ve got quite the pick up lines. Did you create them yourself?”
“You got that right babe. Me an my pick up have pulled many a quad outta the marsh with them lines. Made’em myself from baler twine an duct tape.”
(Awkward silence. Our stars look around as if looking for escape.)
“Interesting…What do you think of a nice quiet evening by the fire? Just you and me. Maybe a little music…?”
“Yeehaw! Now yer speakin my language! I could burn old tires and pound my head ta Korn an Metallica all night long! Woo!”
(Nervous laughter.)
“Oh I get it. You’re a smart alek aren’t you!”
“That shows how much ya know honey, my name is Kelvin!
***Fifteen minutes later.***
Well. That’s when the fight started officer. I guess I should’ve known better than ta be leadin her on like that. I didn’t expect ta see that coffee shop get all smashed up cause of it!
(Handcuffs go on as our stars struggle against them.)
Officer. I know I deserve I deserve prison fer keepin the people from their coffee…I just hope all them kids in town can learn from this story…I really do…flirtin just ain’t worth it! People in this town need their coffee…”
(The stars of our story continue to babble and squabble even as they are hauled off to prison. A tragic end to a relationship that began with such promise. Sigh. )

Moral of the Story. Flirting with disaster is not romantic.

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