Actors! Stop Acting Up! Tips to Avoid Temptation!

Class, sittin an readin the book is fun. An discussin the deeper meanin of the lines with other actors can get purty hilarious. Here’s the funny thing bout actin though, even if ya got a brilliant script in yer hand…even if yer havin a fun time with the other actors, there’s still people who won’t understand the script until ya actually start actin it out!
The technical words fer these kinda people is: the audience.
Ya gotta watch’em.
They’re weird.
“We paid good money for this show, get on stage an get busy,” they’ll shout at ya.
I tell ya, ya hear these kinda things bein yelled out in the theatre, you get tempted ta start acting up.
The thing ya gotta remember is, ya can’t trust the audience!
Ya start actin the script out like some fanatics do these days…yer just gonna make a spectacle of yerself. An the only people who want a spectacle is the audience.
Ya don’t wanna give in an give’em what they want do ya?
Of course not!
When that temptation ta act up starts comin on…when the audience starts yellin out fer a show, why don’t ya try doin these things instead?
*Read tha script one more time.
*Highlight your favorite lines.
*Talk about all them fine ideas in the script.
*Have a meetin about the script. Better yet, have a meetin about the last script meetin.
*When all else fails. Just sit back stage an do nothin. It’s safer than goin on stage an doin somethin. At least till the mob starts burnin down the theater. How know how dramatic theater people get. Anyhoo that’s a story fer another time, what ya really gotta remember is, “talkin good bout actin beats actually doin the work of actin good!
In fact, whenever ya read anythin at all. Keep it an idea. Think on it. Talk about it. Just don’t let it change yer way of livin.
Yep. Talkin it up is far better than lettin yerself start actin up.
An believe me…I plan on talkin here for sometime yet. I hope ya’ll packed a lunch.

Like cousin Simon always says…2 bees or not 2 bees, we’re gonna get tha honey outta tha hive no matter how many bees there may be.

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