The Wall in the Path of Progress (And How to Get Over it)

Self-righteous people talk alot about how important they are, however, the people who are really important, don’t have alot of time to sit around and talk.
Have been blessed to work with many artists and actors. Still remember having supper with one group, having a great time, then finding out afterword that they had won four Juno awards. Would’ve never guessed that from their laid back attitude. Not once did they mention all their awards.
Politically minded people are all about who they know…even though who they know, clearly know nothing at all.
Incompetent people see the competent as a threatening their position, competent people see their position as an opportunity to work toward the main mission.
Really, it comes down to attitude. The people who are focused solely on themselves and their own agendas will always hinder the main mission.
People who only concerned about hanging around with their friends create a clique of pals who can talk alot about anything but in reality accomplish nothing.
People who are unwilling to sacrifice anything for the greater mission will always come to a roadblock of hardship, refuse to drop their baggage of selfishness, and become stuck where they are.
You can’t seize something great if you won’t let go of something that is good enough.
You simply will not win the marathon if you insist of taking a load of baggage from the past on the race with you.

You can’t get over the wall unless you can get over yourself.
The only way to get anything big done is to work with a larger group. You can only get a healthy group together if everyone is willing to sacrifice a little of their own agenda for the sake of something bigger.
Unsuccessful people sit and wait for someone else to push them to where they want to go…successful people get up and get at it.
If you want what you don’t have, you’ll probably have to do what you haven’t done…yet.
Try it.

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