Woe! Under the Mistletoe!

In tha spirit of the holidaze…and in an effort to cash in on all the holiday rhyme craze…such as:
One Christmas eve, there arose such a bang and a clatter,
I quickly rose from my bed to see what was the matter
Santa wasn’t there and neither was Hitler
but I vowed that night that their absence would not make me bitter

I have decided to write my own holiday poem. I wee sonnet that expresses my deep thoughts and emotions in new and profound ways!
Yea, I labored literally 3 moments and 2 seconds over it…
I call this piece…ahem…Woe! Under the Mistletoe!

She was sittin in the corner

showing her sanction on our primitive action

an editor

a violin player

a scrabble lover

a target

if only I had known the woe

that find me under the mistletoe!

I was busy swingin to Sinatra

just one part of all the chaos

and laughter of the party

I saw ya

and I wanted someone that refined

She was turnin

away from what I had ta offer

seein only a mechanic

another word worth editing

from her mind

yes, the back of her dress was a warning sign

even as I grooved ever closer

I sat down and began talkin

sayin, hey, whatever

hopin fer somethin

some sort of union

a moment of her time

sayin, hey babe, ya know yer under the mistletoe

little did I suspect all the woe

that I would soon know!

She turned and smiled an invitation

as her eyes met mine

and when we connected

it was like an explosion of fire and wine

a fist planted squarely on the nose of my desire

laid me low

and when I awoke the next day, under the table

a star gazer

staring up at that sprig of mistletoe

beside the scattered pieces of a nativity stable

I realized if that my holiday was to be merry

I’d better leave my wife alone

when she decides to be contrary

at a Christmas party

No doubt this heartwarming little piece will be recited at Christmas programs for years to come. However, being a generous soul, I have allowed you to read it first. You’re welcome.
Unlike all those poems about Santa Claus, this poem has no basis in reality. However, I hope you have a happy holiday anyway.

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