Look at it Again

multicolored abstract art

Photo by Amber Lamoreaux on Pexels.com

Maybe the blessing was that you didn’t get exactly what you wanted.

Maybe if you had gotten it, you would’ve become someone you hated.

Maybe the wall in your path was there to help you consider a better way…a path that you had never considered before.

Maybe the struggle was there to help you grow stronger…to prepare you for the bigger things to come.

Maybe them leaving was the pruning you needed to start growing, to start blooming, to start showing off your true beauty.

Maybe God isn’t the enemy, maybe He only took them home because he loved them too.

Maybe things didn’t turn out like you expected…but in the long run, maybe that is for the best.

Don’t give up hope.

It’s all we have.

Don’t stop looking up.

The truth is out there.

Don’t stop moving forward.

It’s the only way to get ahead.

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