A Violent Winter. Scene Seven.

grayscale photography of train tank

Photo by Alexander Zvir on Pexels.com

Steam hissed from the steel wheels of the steam engine.

The train had arrived.

“That train station sure don’t look like we planned it.” Jefferson glared at the building in the distance. There were at least ten men stationed around the building in question. Each man wore a greatcoat, carried a rifle, and looked as if they were ready to kill. There was no way to get to the station without being noticed and attacked.

“What are we gonna do now Boss?”

“I guess we’ll just hafta sit here and wonder what ta do, won’t we?” There was a smack as Jefferson slugged Larry on his grizzled jaw. “Idiot.”

“Look Boss, they‘re only here at the station.”

“Course they are, that’s where the gold is.”

“I know.” Larry seemed afraid of getting another smack on the chin and so he kept his distance. “But havin’em here ain’t the end of the world. There’s a whole lot more gold down at the bank.”

“That’s some good thinkin Larry, “Jefferson turned away from his horse. His expression was thoughtful as he surveyed his enemies. “They’re all over here, what if we go down an visit the bank instead?”

“It couldn’t hurt,” Larry rubbed his jaw. “We’d have peace and quiet.”

“I knew I kept ya alive for a reason.” Jefferson clapped his hands in mock applause. “Mount up boys. We’re gonna rob ourselves a bank.”

“What if Walter and his men get suspicious and come a ridin?”

“Then scare’em a little bit. Scare’em ta death if ya need to! If they catch us there’ll be a hangin outside of town. Now let’s get goin!”

With that the three horses began to gallop toward the bank in the center of town.

Behind them, the station platform began to bustle with activity as men began to unload the gold shipment.

To be continued…

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