A Violent Winter. Scene Eight.

adorable animal breed canine

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A young husky watched the turmoil going on before him.

Bank employees sweated and strained as they loaded crates of gold onto the wagon parked beside the train.

“I told you nothing would happen,” Walter muttered during a break in the work.

The men lowered their guns slightly and glanced at each other. Obviously confused over the lack of violence on the station platform.

“Don’t slack off now,” Bruno barked. “We’re not back at the bank yet.”

The men shrugged and continued scanning the station platform, looking for any signs of trouble.

Walter checked his pocket watch. Work was almost done. He couldn’t wait to meet Selena and move on with his life.

“I thought you said Jefferson Little was coming over here!” Bruno’s gaze was withering as he glared at the Sheriff beneath him. “Were you lying to me?”

“No. Jefferson is in town. I know that.” The Sheriff tugged at his wispy grey goatee. “My guess is Jefferson Little saw the posse of men waitin here and changed his plan.”

“So we’re not out of the woods yet?”

“Nope. I think the Jefferson is out there, doin somethin else. Maybe they’re even down at the bank.”

Walter made as if to speak but was halted by the Sheriff’s upraised hand. “Don’t you worry none though. I rang up the Sheriff in Polisi yesterday and told him about what was goin on. He sent a good party of men down here to cover the bank. I’ve got a funny feelin that Jefferson Little and his woman have reached the end of their train robbin days.”

“I’m just glad to be done with this bank.” Walter muttered as he heaved the last crate onto the wagon.

“You never know son.” Bruno was smiling, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes. “This might be just the beginning.”

The young husky cocked his head as the sound of gunshot shattered the silence.

The guards on the station platform stiffened and readied their guns.

“Sounds like Jefferson ran into the men down at the bank.” The Sheriff spat a stream of tobacco juice onto the wooden platform.

“Shouldn’t we head over there and help out?” Bruno boomed.

“Nah. I think it’d be best just to stay put. It might just be a trick to lure us outta here.” The Sheriff grinned. “Sides, there’s plenty of men down at the bank who know how to deal with men like Jefferson. I think we’re gonna be okay.”

As if to underscore this, a wave of gunfire exploded.

War had come to town.

“Looks like you’re about to lose your girlfriend son.” Bruno winked. “Don’t worry though, there’s plenty of good women who appreciate a rich banker.”

Selena couldn’t be a part of all this, could she? A pang of urgency ran through Walter and he knew what he had to do.

He had to see for himself.

“I better go over to the bank and see what is going on. ” The Sheriff seemed to be about to protest but Walter had already mounted up and was galloping through the snow-covered street.

He knew where he needed to be.

He only hoped that he wouldn’t be too late.

The husky dog broke into a run, easily keeping pace with Walter’s horse.

To be continued…

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