Is There a Purpose in the Pain?

man in black suit covering his face with two hands

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Fear is common. A result of uncertainty. Yet, was there anything really certain to begin with?
We were always one diagnosis, one phone call, one moment away from something that could rock our world.
We never were guaranteed…anything, really.
We never were in control of as much as we imagined we were. *If you were in control of this pandemic, I’m sure there are many people around the world who would like to have a serious discussion with you.
No. You weren’t in control.
Perhaps that is actually a good thing. Perhaps a measure of peace can be found when you admit that you are not in control. This universe came into existence without your help and will continue without it.
There is a power outside yourself. Which is a good thing.
Let go of what you thought life should be…embrace what is here and now. You can really only deal with that anyway.
“In this world you will have trouble.” Jesus. Even if you don’t believe in the Bible, you’ve gotta admit that this part is true.
Consider whether the statement that follows it is also true. “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.” – Jesus.
Is there a power beyond us?
Another power that is actually in charge?
But how can this power be good if it allows trouble? Is the common question. Yet, isn’t most of the trouble in the world, including the current crisis, created, aided and abetted by the human race?
Denying the truth.
Hasn’t there been a grand spectacle of all these things lately?
Without this self-centered thinking we’d probably be in far better shape today, wouldn’t we?
Perhaps the goodness of God is seen in the truth that so much good still comes to this troubled race of ours, despite of all the chaos it creates. Perhaps the question isn’t, “God, how can you allow this?”
Perhaps the question is: “how could the human race allow this?”
God also allows human beings to do good. In times of trouble we have more opportunities to do good than ever.
Perhaps this is the comfort found in faith…the trust that there is a power beyond what we see, a force behind everything, something beyond ourselves, that will limit human madness.
A power that will provide justice in due course.
That divine love isn’t keeping us from all trouble…but love is providing us the grace and strength to meet the challenges before us.
Divine love that promises to give what we need not everything we want.
Divine love is seen in the truth that through adversity we can learn, we can grow in character and become stronger.
This learning begins with humility.
Peace begins with surrender. It stakes true strength to do this. To acknowledge the reality
that it isn’t really all about us. Yet by doing this, we can find the path to inner healing.
When we understand that there is something more.
Something far greater than ourselves watching over the big picture…
We can find the courage to carry on.

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