The Trial of a Narcissist

man in black suit using a gadget

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on




the court was called to order

a testing of the culture

through the virus of disorder





the dreams of his empire

were placed on display in the docket

of hellfire

the charges were many

in the words of the prosecution

in regards to evidence

the convict stood as a servant of Satan

in his life of endless wanting

the convict was left wanting more

some kind of foundation

other than entertainment

something to believe in

other than the rules of religion

some way of salvation

that can’t be found within

a God

that was not created by man

a river of grace

that can heal the human stain

a sky full of sun

that can reverse the darkest pain

the convict is shifting

biting his lip, waiting

his wild eyes, weaving, searching

the courtroom for a sign of the clemency

that he never was never willing to give

for the same word of love

that he never wanted to breathe

for an agreement in good faith

that he never before wanted to live

when all he needed was the humility

to enter a plea for mercy

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