75 Years After VE Day


Canada wasn’t built by people sitting on the couch waiting for the Government to build them a homestead.
Manitoba wasn’t built by people waiting on the experts to hand down a three-year study about how to survive on the harsh prairie.
Our country was built by people who faced tremendous adversity, who buckled down, and did what it took to push their way through it to the other side.
Was it easy? No.
Was it fun and games? No.
Was it safe? Certainly not! But their efforts helped create the nation we know today. Their sacrifices in blood helped preserve the freedoms we have long enjoyed.
Perhaps the best way to honor their efforts is not to let what they fought for to rot away to nothing. Maybe the best way forward for us is to recapture the spirit of the pioneers and do what it takes to build a better community for all the people.
Don’t grumble that the old ways don’t work, find a new way to make it happen!
If they did it, so can we!
Finally, as we celebrate 75 years of VE day, here is an interview clip of Joe Fraser, a Gladstone area veteran, as he shares some of his experiences with Peggy Galloway. Check it out.


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