No Worries Man


I produced this salsa/Latin flavored track. Oddly enough, I don’t usually listen to that sort of music…but everything else was shut down and I thought I’d try something different for kicks. The track is doing surprisingly well.

Today it’s at #2 on the Soundclick Salsa chart.

No Worries Man (Brake Dance)

Words. Andrew Franco/Jiggy Drama

Music. Kb

Produced and mixed by Kb.

If Latin and Salsa music is your thing, click the link below to check it out. Maybe you’ll get some summertime vibes off it.

Click here to check out the track.

burgeoning tempest

hey man…I loved the song, check my channel out


This is a nice fusioon guys!! track. Very well produced!

Flavio Zuccarini 

i love the bassline bro! and the guitar come up greatly!oooh and the flute!!!!!!

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