14 Ways to Stay Mentally Healthy


In times like these it is easy to become depressed. To become fearful. This is a normal reaction to stressful circumstances. However, self-medicating, watching tv, and trying to escape reality won’t help you to become healthy.

14 things that will help you to stay mentally healthy.

1. Turn off the tv.

2. Put down the bottle.

3. Push toxic people and situations to the sidelines of your life. (If possible.)

4. Put nutritious things into your mind and body.

5. Reflect on your purpose or goals in life. If you have none, what are you living for? What are some goals that you should pursue? Write them down. Make a plan to work toward them.

6. Go outside to exercise.

7. Push yourself creatively to make/or do something that you haven’t tried before.

8. Find bold new ways to help other people.

9. Bring a couple of people into your life that you can be honest with. That will hold you accountable to the plan you made in step 4.

10. Be like water. When it comes to an obstacle, it works its way around it. A river doesn’t stop flowing whenever it comes to a stone.

11. Reflect on the question. What has my faith been placed in? Religious rules and traditions? The latest political Messiah? Myself and my own abilities?

12. Make peace with the fact that you are not in control of the universe, you never were, and that is a good thing.

13. Consider: If there really is a power that created the universe, and that power is on your side, would you have a reason to live in fear?

14. Get in touch with the Creator. Walk in faith. Not in fear.

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