How to be Subversive


When your neighbor

wallows in the power chords

of their bitter song

dig up a reason to forgive

even though there is no reason for it

besides the freedom to move on

past the stain

of all you’ve known
when the mob

screams for justice

while raining the fire of injustice

on the innocent

smashing the storefront of their dreams

with a totalitarian fist

rise above this

realize that a real revolution

begins at home

and within

when you finally deal with your own sin
when the entire world

holds a mass

with the high priests of depression

and exalts the religion of the hopeless

refuse to attend the morning reading

of this black cyclical

instead, search for peace in the turmoil
even if everyone else is willing to stand

and salute their oppressor

resist the urge to honor oppression

when you could be resting in the assurance of salvation
when hate becomes normal

be the weirdest one in your neighborhood

when misery is trumpeted as the solution

joy becomes the rebellion

if selfishness and greed is the problem

only selfless love can overthrow the system

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