How Ya Ken Tell if an Idea is Stupid



Beware the neighborhood gossip…every herd has one…that’s what I heard bout tha herd anyways…

The world these days is full of ideas.

With all them ideas floatin around like toxic waste in a river, how’s anybody supposed ta tell which idea is good? Well, I got good news fer ya friend. Today on tha Jethro Barnswallow show we’re gonna talk bout three ways ya can ta tell if that there idea is a good one.Take a seat on yer front porch and listen in. I hope ya got yer notepads out. Ya do…good, now let’s get at it. Here’s Uncle Jethro’s three simple tips fer knownin if an idea is stupid or not.

(If ya like these simple tips ya might wanna check out my books, they’re full of simple ideas ta deal with complicated issues.)

1. Chew some tabbaccy an listen to the idea bein thrown at ya.

2. Take a few seconds an think over what yer hearin. (Don’t be scared ta spit out that disgustin tabbaccy if that helps ya think.)
3. Is the idea ya just heard what you were kinda thinkin all along? If it was, then ya know it’s some purty smart thinkin. On the other hand, if that there idea is somethin ya never woulda thought of, then ya know it’s some purty stupid thinkin…dont ya think?

Now, there’s some people out there who’ll try an say ya should listen ta other people…but I always say, if I wanna have good advice, tha best thing ta do is ta talk to yerself.

Who better ta get ya out of trouble than the one who got ya into it?

Yep if bein stoopid is the answer, ya know ya haven’t been askin smart questions in the first place.

Well, anyhoo, time is gettin on, I guess I better be gettin on to, remember, there ain’t no end of ideas out there…but these here ideas will help ya think…I think…



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