Mobs, Race, and Leadership (Or the lack thereof)

person holding black remote control

Photo by Ian Panelo on

Feeling sad about the wrongs of the past is easy but the thing about the past is that there is no future in it.
I’ve been part of racism workshops where it’s white people sitting around and feeling sad about white supremacy and dreaming up things that should be done to fix things. Little realizing that it’s still a bunch of white people sitting around handing down decrees to the other people…real reconciliation would be sitting down with the other, like an equal brother, and working together toward a better future.
Getting angry and destroying things takes little imagination…but does it really change anything for the better?
For the single mother in the ghetto?
For the family on the rez with no water?
For the homeless teenager prying quarters from a crack in the sidewalk?
Mobs rarely create anything other than chaos…and an opportunity for a dictator to arise, promising peace and prosperity, while investing heavily in the secret police and the military.
It takes no intelligence whatsoever to be against something…it does take intelligence to be able to chart a course forward and present a plan for how this will be accomplished.
This is why good leadership is so important.
We live in a time where people with no experience are elected simply because they know how to work the photo-op.
Where someone can be appointed to a board simply because they are friends with the right people.
It is far to easy to get revved up over the speech that says everything we want to hear and ignore the fact that the person giving the speech has never actually done what they speak about.
There is nothing quite as expensive as cheap talk.
I would suggest we are seeing the fruit of this every day on the news.
Maybe we need to have a bigger vision than television.
Maybe we need to think further ahead than the next weekend.
Maybe we need to be electing the boring…but proven competent people instead.
Maybe we need to hold up a higher standard for ourselves and for those who we give power to…

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