Dear America, It’s Time We Talked About Canada.

woman draped in a flag of canada

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Tired of oppressive societies…weary of countries full of censorship and empty of opportunities to move forward…they sacrificed everything they had always known for the chance to begin again in a free land.
For many, pioneers, it was the hardest thing they had ever known. Wrestling a new life from the grasp of a harsh prairie doesn’t happen without paying a price in blood and sweat.
In the earliest days, Manitoba was on the brink of civil war.
Louis Riel and the Metis were camped on one side and the White Protestants were staked out on the other…and violence seemed to be the only solution.
Yet in the end, these different peoples came together, driven by the hope that they could create a better life for themselves and their descendants.
From these discussions, Manitoba was born.
In a radical move for the time, Louis Riel insisted that all Manitobans be considered equal before the law. A move which helped dampen the fires of war that had been smoldering for so long.
However, the struggle was far from over. Not everyone agreed with the vision of the founders of the province. As time went on, new challenges arose.
The plague of influenza demanded many lives.
The great depression destroyed the hope of many more.
The furnace of war demanded that the people surrender their sons and daughters to it in the fight to be free from oppression.
Did our ancestors do everything right?
However, it was their struggle that created the foundation for us to build on today.
As we move forward, pushing through the adversity that faces our generation, we can learn from the past.
We can see that freedom isn’t free.
We can see that progress never comes easy.
But if they did it, so can we.
Happy Canada Day.

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