Generosity. What’s the Point?

water outside fire hose

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Why go out on a limb for someone else?
Why sacrifice?
Why be generous at all?
The truth is…Everything invested in yourself, you will eventually have to leave behind.
Only the human soul is eternal…and the only thing we can take with us onto the next level is other people.
When you realize that, every act of giving…of your time…your money…your talent…becomes an investment for the future.
So yes, selfless love may not get you far in this world. However, if your life makes sense to the world…maybe your life doesn’t make sense.
Why run the rat race? You are a human being. You need to be worrying about your own race. Not running around with the rats…eating the crumbs that other people leave behind.
Dare to dream bigger.
Instead of finding excuses, find ways to make it work.
Instead of being content to play it safe…to simply be another face in the crowd of average, try using the unique gifts that God gave you…to give to others.
Instead of running in fear, walk in faith, and hope.
Sure it’s hard sometimes, but this kind of lifestyle is better for you and everyone around you…
All that it takes for the fires of evil to run free is for the man with the water hose to remain content to do nothing.

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