More Stuff to Get Mad About! (Or is it?)

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1. Mad at Hutterites and Mennonites Over COVID-19?
Consider…many times they volunteer for sandbagging duty and other emergency work while the people they are helping are content to sit in front of the tv.
Their communal lifestyle and work ethic has saved you are your community more than you realize.
Maybe we should show them some grace…
2. Afraid of What Might Happen if the Government Lets People Do Stuff?
Consider…when people sit at home and do nothing…the following things do happen.
Mental Health problems.
Any competent leader is considering the bigger picture, not just one small piece of the puzzle. No doubt they are looking at the information you don’t have…and things you may not have even thought of.
Maybe we should show them a little grace…
3. Afraid Because of What You See on the TV Every Single Day?
Consider…these are programs made up of 30-second clips…how can you hope to truly understand complex issues, based on 30-second clips…footage that is chosen for maximum visual effect.
Footage that is interpreted by people far from the situation they are talking about…and many times with no experience or training in the issues they are interpreting for us.
Not only that, many times these people have a political ax to grind.
The technical term for politically motivated news is propaganda.
4. Concerned About Race Issues?
Option A. Join a mob. Burn things down. Yell. Complain about the past. Provide more sensational footage for the TV. Wander off when the fad fades away.
Option B. Tune out the propaganda. Get personally involved.
Go to the ghetto/reserve. Meet with the people there. Build real relationships. Invite them over to your house. Go to their house. Listen to the real people involved. Find out the problems for yourself. Commit to working together with them to create constructive change…and a better future.
5. Feeling Hopeless?
Don’t give up now. Every pandemic in the history of the world has come to an end…and so will this one. You may not be able to do everything you want to do…but if you work on what you can do right now, you will be in a far stronger position to do what you really want to do when we punch through to the other side.
Fear is focused on preserving itself, and hates anyone who threatens its safety…but you can find hope when you look beyond yourself.
Consider…if you really believe that the power that created the universe is on your side, why should you be afraid?
Pride is focused on exalting itself, and never really finding satisfaction…but you can find fulfillment when you start to serve other people.
Consider…spiritual maturity is measured, not by how you treat people who agree with you…but by how you treat people who don’t agree with you.
If these ideas sound crazy…maybe they are…but would you prefer the violence and hatred that is considered to be the new normal?
The truth is out there…seek it.
Peace is available for those who want it.
It’s closer than you think.
When we are finally willing to face the reality of the problems in our own lives…to turn from them…to follow a higher calling…a greater truth than ourselves…we will truly be ready to start changing the world.
Wouldn’t you want that?
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2 thoughts on “More Stuff to Get Mad About! (Or is it?)

  1. Some strong points made there, Kelvin. The need to show grace. The need for wisdom. ( Problem… Both only found in Jesus.)


    1. I don’t know if that’s a problem. The good news is that this living water is available to everyone who is thirsty. The promise is that if someone will seek the truth with all of their heart, they will find it…and never thirst again.


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