Catch 2022 (A Vision of the Future)

person wearing vr goggles

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Back in 2020 my thing was that I wanted to be smart.
Naturally, as a pilgrim on a quest for knowledge, I turned to the fountain of wisdom.
The glowing box in the corner that we called television in those days.
“Brothers, I have a vision! Television!” That’s what he said, and you know, I believed in the words of the prophet (for profit.)
The Prophet promised us that we would stay healthy if we stayed in our homes and did nothing. Yet, it seems that something happens even if you do nothing.
Something bad.
The streets around here are pretty empty these days.
The businesses that used to support our community projects died back in 2020. Now, trying to get Amazon or Walmart to support anything local is almost impossible.
Why am I complaining? We saved money…and the Prophet says that money is the most important thing in life.
Sigh. I shouldn’t even be thinking like this. What will happen if the thought police find out? Or worse…what if the mob comes for me?
It’s funny how mental Health issues have skyrocketed. The Prophet said that if we spent our time at home watching doctors on TV that we’d stay healthy.
“In censorship lies freedom.” Is our sacred creed. Yet, lately, I find myself doubting these wonderful words.
What is wrong with me? I’ve really got to stop thinking like this.
The television says that ignorance is bliss.
I guess if that’s true, we’ve never been happier. Still, call me a bad citizen if you want to, but I can’t help but think that maybe our children should be in school.
“Hurry up Kelvin!” The shout startles me. I use the stupid phone on my desk to hide the paper I’ve been writing on. “Just a minute,” I shout in reply.
“Friends. Each one of you must ask yourself, why are you talking to yourselves? I have all the answers that you really need!” The shouts of the Prophet’s morning pep rally float in through my open window.
“Time to go!” The voice outside my door is demanding now. I know I had better obey. The happy meals were about to be served to us valued citizens. Yet, I knew that the happy meal I was about to be served wouldn’t be enough to fill the hole inside.
I had to escape if I ever wanted to put a decent meal into my stomach.
My footsteps echo through the hallway as I make my way to the courtyard. The mob looks like a pack of zombies as they stand there before the Prophet on the platform.
Herman makes a magnificent picture as the dawning sun shines down upon his majestic form. At 1,000 pounds Herman truly is the biggest man in town.
We are to be blessed with his wisdom and then we will be blessed with breakfast.
“Why would we pursue practical solutions when we have political ones?” Herman bellows.
“Yeah,” repeats his thin, weasel of a sidekick. Melvin.
“Why would we waste our time learning when we could be watching television?”
Yeah,” repeats Melvin, shoving another wad of french fries into his mouth.
“Why don’t we eat breakfast?” Herman proclaims with an air of finality.
Prompted by those profound words, the mob shuffles toward the long wooden table full of happy meals that is waiting for them.
For a moment I am tempted to join them in feasting on their corporate foodlike product…then something wells up within me. A powerful surge of revulsion…I turn away from the mob and begin to run toward the nearby forest.
The only fence that was keeping us here in this compound was in our minds…and I’ve decided to change my mind. Behind me, I can hear the mob stirring, shifting their stupidity dulled minds into pursuit mode.
I’ve made up my own mind.
No more happy meals…it’s time to pursue substance.
I hear the pounding of feet behind me. The mob won’t give me up that easily. I increase my own pace…no matter what it takes, I’m never going back with them.
It’s time for a new way of thinking.
To be continued…

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