dramatic photograph of the ocean

Photo by Tetyana Kovyrina on Pexels.com

Tides are pulling


and raging

but we are still better off

throwing colors

against the black water

where storms are growling

showing its power like Medusa

tossing a rotting lie

onto the beach

the tides are hungry, reaching

grasping at our legs

pulling us under

but even if an entire ocean of fish is dying

we are still better off searching for healing

something far better

as the tides are growing bolder

flooding over the barren land

but even if the whole world is content to sit waiting

to drown in in the waters of confusion

we are still better off running alone

groping our way toward something

greater than ourselves

something higher

then all this rising water

don’t give up now

cling to the promise of your salvation

this mountain top has survived years of angry weather

and the tides are only a moment away from turning




4 thoughts on “Tides

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        Keep your articles coming!

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