In the Ashes of Love…

cigarette buts on brown soil

Photo by Sera Cocora on

Our past is on display

like a clothesline of dirty laundry

sins waving like flags in the wind

and you stare

and I wonder why I did that

and the neighborhood sits in judgment

shaking their heads at what was done

but the question is, will we learn

will we change through what we see

or will we hide our history

and pretend that today we are clean

even though our underwear tells a different story

and we still do the same things that we’ve always done

preaching grand sermons of love

and then burning down the home of the one who doesn’t agree

am I really the enemy

are you

look around

where are we

our words set fire to the only shelter we have

how can we hope to live

if ashes are all that we are willing to give

if we can’t acknowledge what we were

will we ever admit that we need to learn to love

if we were perfect all along

why would we need to move on

still, you stand on one side

and I on the other

two monologues

when we should be united in a poem

and I can’t help but wonder if the wall in our way

the wall that we need to get over

is ourselves

sometimes the hardest words to hear

are the ones that are true

if the pages never turn

we’ll stay in the chapter we’ve always been

acknowledging what was done

is the only way to begin again

and honestly, I believe that we can

…do you?











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