Two Pictures of Beauty

Photo by mododeolhar on

Every pixel was calculated

every color was wonderful, vivid

and the airbrushing was completed

a celebration, a model showcased in a magazine of perfection

in reality, an idol falling

cursing out the camera crew

selling a lie when the world needs something true

demanding…always demanding…

a little more…

Meanwhile, someone sat in a corner, unnoticed

a picture was considered, but the editor said it wasn’t worth the effort

and so, she was rejected

an ordinary story, no one would read it

in reality, she was a hero to a child crying

the secret force that pulled her family through

and the love she struggled to raise

would change the world, and even though she would never receive praise

she kept on giving…secretly giving…

a little more…


what you really are

will be revealed in what you do

and many times the greatest treasures

are hidden far from public view

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