The Show Must Go On! (and On!)

This picture showed up in my memories slot today. I know I’ve shared it before…but I like it. My brother-in-law George is in it, my sisters Janice and Charlene are in this. I’m in the back.

While this performance was going on there were fights just outside the venue, certain gang members were sitting in front of us in the audience, the police were patrolling the hallway.

So, yes, I support the police. Ahem.

It was a memorable night, to say the least. The excitement actually started before this event took place…I had actually burned myself out in an extreme way and spent months recovering. The whole experience was pretty miserable, so I had decided to quit acting.

I had actually refused to do this show at all, but the family kept on phoning and talking until I finally agreed to show up.

So, I had to get to the gig. With that in mind, I drove through a blizzard, packed snow under the hood of my little car, burned off the belts, and started losing power but kept limping on. Gotta get to tha gig ya know!

When I finally got into town, the car went straight to the shop and I got a ride to the venue to get ready for the show and everything that I described above. Like I said earlier, it was interesting.

After this picture and the story that went with it hit the press, the phone rang and rang with bookings…and so I’m still acting now…and it’s all my family’s fault. Sigh.

Still, it’s more interesting than being slumped on a couch and watching the gong shows on tv. I guess I’ll have to say, even though I was mad at the family back then for trying to get me back on stage, I’m glad they did it…I think.

Twist ending…me and George recorded a radio spot for Canada’s History last night…I think it’ll be the first time we’ve acted together (in public) since the series of shows which the picture here is a part of. So, the show goes on…

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