Swimming for Shore

Photo by Fabian Wiktor on Pexels.com

The easy way is to avoid conflict

the angry rapids

the bitter deep

the easy way is to sit back and let the current of popular opinion pull us downstream…toward the waterfall

yes, it is easier to let the cancer creep

but, there is a time to jump from the ship of fools

a time to go off the deep end

a time to dive into the issue at hand

a time to break the unwritten rules

and swim through the troubled waters toward the safety of the shore

honest communication can be a hard paddle but it leads to trust

trust is the foundation that a healthy relationship can stand on

the rivers of life can rage on, determined to do their worst

but they can’t move a tree planted firmly on the shore of truth

in love the darkness can bleed another dawn

humility can even resurrect the cursed

and uproot your words, planted in the wild frenzy of youth

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